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Kansas Cities – Find the Best Places to Live and Work in Kansas

The state of Kansas is a landlocked Midwestern state that borders four neighboring states: Missouri and Nebraska to the north and Colorado and Oklahoma to the east. Its capital city is Topeka. The largest city of Kansas is Wichita. This state is home to the University of Kansas and many other colleges. Its population is about 8.5 million. The state has a diverse economy and has a vibrant arts scene.

Wichita, Kansas is home to more than 20 percent of the state’s population and has more than 636,000 people in its metropolitan statistical area. The Kansas portion of the Kansas City metropolitan area is a popular choice for many people because of its proximity to downtown Kansas City. Other population centers are located in the state’s center. Small towns in Kansas range in size from about 50,000 to 125,000 people. You can use the Kansas population map to choose a place to live or work in Kansas.

The cost of living in Kansas is much lower than the national average. The median home price in the Wichita metro area was $146,000 in 2014. The median income in Overland Park was $16,417 in 2014.

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