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The Halo series has been a cult favorite for gamers and moviegoers for years. The first game, Halo, had a storyline that involved an invasion of the Covenant by humans. It also gave Master Chief a proper send-off in his last game. The game featured more action and better-paced levels compared to the prequels, and had memorable moments like the epic battle with giant Scarab robots. The human resistance was also well-armed in jeeps, tanks and fighter jets.

The series’ multiplayer modes were among the most groundbreaking in video game history, with Halo 2 being one of the best examples. Bungie’s unique combat mechanics had never been better implemented in a game, and the game’s Day One patch made it sing. It also offered the player the option to customize their characters and even rank them for better performance. The multiplayer modes were popular, and Halo 2 put Xbox Live on the map.

Halo 5 was the final installment of the Halo series, and was Bungie’s swan song. The story revolved around the fate of the Spartans, who were sent to the distant world of Reach to defend the human homeworld. The game is packed with ideas and is full of innovative gameplay, including a stand-alone space dogfight. However, the game’s multiplayer modes are largely the same as Halo 2, and the multiplayer mode isn’t very challenging.


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