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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update

If you’ve missed any of the episodes of Zee TV’s Hindi serial Kumkum Bhagya, here’s an up-to-date article on what happened in the last week. The latest episode featured a scene in which Pragya threatens Abhi with a gun if he plays the guitar. You can also catch up with the latest relationship news between Abhi and his wife, Dushyant. And finally, you’ll be able to catch up on some of the latest twists and turns that happened in the show’s first episodes.

Pragya threatens to shoot abhi if he plays the guitar

Abhi is in a dilemma. He wants to play the guitar for Pragya, but she says she’s not a real musician. Abhi then tells his friend Disha to look for a mole on Munni’s shoulder. After reminiscing about Pragya, Abhi discovers that Pragya has a mole on her left shoulder.

When Abhi starts playing the guitar, Pragya is about to shoot him. Abhi threatens to shoot her if she plays the guitar, and she thinks of stopping him. But the two girls are interrupted by a security guard. Pragya pretends to be her jija ji and asks the guard to let them go. However, the security guard is not fooled and stops Pragya.

Abhi’s relationship with Dushyant

After seeing Dushyant’s sexy behaviour towards Pragya, Abhi tries to find out the truth about her. The truth is that Dushyant is in love with her and wants to marry her. However, Dushyant wants her for other reasons, including his money and wealth. Nevertheless, Abhi is determined to protect his relationship with Maya and will stop at nothing to ensure it.

Abhi and Tanu’s relationship is complicated from the start. Their friendship develops into a love triangle, as they both hate Pragya for causing Dadi’s death. Pragya ends up marrying King Singh, a famous rapper. But the two are soon separated by their rivalry. Abhi ends up losing the chance to marry Rhea, and Tanu returns to Abhi.

Pragya’s wife

The climax of the show is a shocking moment when Abhi is found unconscious in his room. He is begging his mother to save him, but he is too unconscious to react. Abhi’s mother yells at Pragya, “Don’t you love him? You can’t live like this!”

Luckily, Abhi knows someone who found Pragya. He continues to celebrate his marriage with his family when he receives the call. The shocked expressions of Abhi are unmistakable when Disha reads the letter. This episode of Kumkum Bhagya is airing on Zee TV daily at 9 pm.

Pragya’s relationship with Ranbir

In “Dil Dhadakne Do”, Pragya is a naive young woman who clings to love at all costs. But a chance meeting with Ranbir sparks her interest, and her feelings for him grow stronger by the day. She decides to meet him and invite him to his temple and become his girlfriend. The two fall in love and begin a serious relationship.

The movie is set in Delhi. The story begins when Abhi, the son of Tanu, meets Pragya, a veiled servant in the Mehra mansion. She gets pregnant, and King finds out about her. King, a famous London rapper, has a secret plan to convince Pragya of his love, and Tanu is shocked. Tanu beats Abhi with a stick and threatens to kill Pragya.


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