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One Of Us Is Lying

How to Tell If a Character is Lying

Karen M. McManus’ debut novel, One of Us Is Lying, is a young adult suspense, mystery and fantasy book. It is the first novel by McManus, and was published by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in May 2017. The author discusses the reasons why teens are prone to lying, the characters in the novel, and the perception of teens as liars.


Anime is full of characters who lie. They do it to manipulate others, keep secrets, or just to appease their deep emotional needs. Whether it’s for dramatic effect or to save their own skin, the untruth adds tension and depth to an anime story. A story involving characters who lie will be richer and more interesting if they can be recognized as such. Here are some ways to tell if a character is lying:


The Netflix original series One of Us is Lying was released internationally early this October, and has already gotten an impressive amount of praise. The series follows four characters who are all suspects in the murder of Simon, including a criminal, Simon’s ex-girlfriend, and Addy, who has been cheating on Jake Riordan. All four are afraid of being exposed by Simon’s app, and therefore, lie to avoid being caught in the truth.


Subversion means turning over something. During the 1950s and 1960s, people worried about communist subversion of the U.S. government. Nondemocratic governments often accuse anyone who disagrees with them or joins demonstrations of subversion. Subversion is often not a serious issue, as when French speakers complained about American words being used in French. Today, the term refers to a broader category of illegal activities.

Perception of teens as liars

Many people have the perception of teenagers as liars. While they may not always tell the truth, it is still true that teens are often deceitful. Teenagers often make up stories and make up details for the sake of attention and sympathy from others. This is understandable, given that lying can be a demanding activity for the brain. Taking their word for it can lead to embarrassing moments like the one in the Onion article.


The new Netflix original One of Us Is Lying is a murder mystery with a twist. The story revolves around four teens who become suspects in a murder after one of them has a fatal allergic reaction. The police discover that the death was not an accident, and they launch a formal investigation. Afterward, they discover that the dead girl had enemies who walked around campus and were plotting to kill them all.

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